Clinical data extraction solution

Extracting free Text, Structured Data Via Pre-Built APIs & Extraction Tools

Clinical Data Extraction Solution


Extracting patient specifics from large datasets is notoriously difficult and modern healthcare businesses are turning to technology to speed up the process. Let’s take clinical trials as an example: how does a company identify suitable clinical trial candidates from thousands of electronic health records (EHRs)?

Without specific solutions, it’s a painstaking process. However, there is an easier way, when all pertinent clinical data (structured and unstructured) is easily searchable and extracted by specific criteria.

Then, they can identify those eligible for trials and shorten the entire product development process. Of course, clinical data extraction has more to offer than streamlining the clinical trial process.

Its primary aim is to improve care delivery, regardless of the data type involved.

While there is no nationwide access to all EHRs, healthcare enterprises can ensure their own data provides maximum value by making actionable insights easily extractable. In addition, public databases containing millions of medical events (where data has been anonymised to protect patient privacy) can provide valuable information that aids clinical diagnosis.

For example, by identifying specific risk factors by disease for your existing patients, you can then schedule timely check-ups for the early diagnosis of at-risk patients. This also maximises the profit potential of the business when treatment rooms are utilised more effectively.