Clinical Data Migration Solutions

Assisting Organisations In Migrating Their Data Across Multiple Clinical Applications

Clinical Data Migration

As the term suggests, clinical data migration is used to describe the transfer (and improved searchability) of clinical data from one location or format to another. It’s a little different from transferring from paper-based documents to digital although this is also accommodated.

The key element of clinical data migration is accuracy.

You wish to maintain the integrity of all data, including files, reports, imaging data, and relevant information such as handwritten notes and treatment by third parties.

By leveraging our in-house expertise (which includes data science specialists who focus on healthcare), it’s possible to standardise migrated data for clinical use.

Customised solutions allow us to build, translate, extract and load data to your custom requirements. All types of media are catered for, including proprietary file types used by clinical applications. In addition, everything is fully tested prior to final launch to ensure everything works as it should.

Why not reduce the time and operational impact of clinical data migration by working with our team of industry experts? Contact us for a free consultation and discuss specific requirements that maximise clinical data use in your healthcare business.

Examples of clinical data migration include:

  • Migrating from a legacy clinical application to a new clinical application
  • Migrating part of the clinical data sets to a separate data source / application