Data Lake Designed
For The Healthcare Sector


Created specifically for healthcare enterprises, DeepWater enables the convergence of fragmented data sources into a unified platform where the organisation’s teams can access, use and innovate with the data in an efficient, secure and easy manner.

Bring together your clinical, financial, HR, survey & research data into the one location & start your data transformation project ASAP.

DeepWater By BYTE IQ


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Rapidly Accelerate Data Transformation Strategy

By using DeepWater, healthcare organisations can accelerate their data transformation strategy by replacing the need to:

  • Study the market for the right data lake solutions
  • Hire data engineers to build the data lake
  • Hire software engineers to integrate the different databases into the data lake
  • Hire infrastructure engineers to ensure the data is secure and available
  • Continue budgeting for the teams above and ongoing maintenance of the data lake


Use Pre-built Technologies To Extract & Transform Data

Most healthcare organisations will go through a process of hiring a data analyst and software engineer just to kick start the project of using their databases.

This is all done before the need to speak to the different software vendors, negotiate their integration T&Cs and finally, get started on unlocking the different data sets.

DeepWater clients on the other hand simply use pre-built data extraction and data transfer technologies without the need to write any code or build any data transfer solutions.


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solution image

Reduce The Project Budget & Complexity

Independent studies have shown that healthcare organisations will spend between $300,000 to $700,000 to kickstart their data transformation strategy.

Those costs generally cover:

  • Recruitment of data engineers, software developers & infrastructure engineers
  • Wages for the resources above
  • Costs for the development of the data lake solution, the infrastructure to support and secure the data lake
  • Costs for the development and maintenance of the different APIs, database schema strategies & data extraction solutions
  • Costs for the development of any non-structured (free text) data extraction tools
  • Costs for the ongoing hosting, support & backups of the data lake
  • This is all done and paid for before the real work actually starts

DeepWater is the alternative to building everything from scratch. Healthcare organisations can become project ready & have access to their data at a fraction of the cost of hiring and supporting an entire team.


Start BI, AI, ML Projects Immediately

Now the data is ready and available in the data lake, it’s time to get to work.

DeepWater allows for the integration with AWS/Azure/CICD pipelines and other solutions so the data can be used easily.

With DeepWater, healthcare organisations can use:

  • Huddle, Quicksight, PowerBI and other analytics tools for BI projects
  • AWS/GCA/Azure technologies to run AI/ML projects
  • CICD pipelines and Docker Containers to build their own web applications

Byte IQ’s in-house team will work with you to acheive your data transformation project goals.

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