Operate your healthcare organisation like a pro


Consistently increase profitability, hit every growth milestone set, and be the most efficient organisation on the block.

Huddle is a healthcare-only data analytics platform that connects to practice management applications and provides 100+ key reports and dashboards

With Huddle, healthcare stakeholders can identify key trends in their organization and make quick decisions to meet their goals.

Huddle By Byte IQ

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Key Healthcare Metrics

Inside Huddle, there are 100+ pre-built financial, operational, performance, and clinical reports/dashboards.

Measure your billing performance Vs potential or, analyze the most common clinical conditions your organization treats.

For those who are passionate about population health, use the different modules to study the financial and operational impact of a specific clinical condition or demographic against your organization.

How Does It Work

The Huddle agent connects to your clinical software to ingest and understand your data.

Once the data is ready, the data is encrypted and uploaded to Huddle.

The users then log into the Huddle portal and are presented with beautiful and informative metrics around revenue, patient retention, missed billing opportunities, and more.

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solution image

Grow Or Innovate

Unlike other complicated and very expensive Business Intelligence solutions, Huddle was built to deliver relevant information quickly to the end user. Executives and Practice managers use Huddle to measure the healthcare organisation’s performance & use the presented data to grow, pivot, or improve.

Clinicians use Huddle to dive deep into the clinical insights of their community. Understanding key metrics such as which suburbs or nationalities have the most recurring type of clinical condition.

Huddle is a purpose-built platform to help all stakeholders within the healthcare organisation, those that are responsible for growth as well as those that have a passion to fine-tune their healthcare service offering to their community’s specific needs.

See Huddle In Action

Huddle by Byte IQ enables healthcare organisations to access critical data insights without the need to build, manage and support in-house data warehouses.